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Dear Friends,

It is unbelievable how time flies when one is having fun. Like all good things, my tour of duty has come to the end in the Mid-West of this very U.SI have thought long and hard what the appropriate parting message must say or sound like, but I have come to this conclusion, the heat speaking clearer than any words.So I share with you the feelings of and from my heart:

  1. Over the last 5 and a half years, I have crisscrossed the Mid-West.
  2. I have conversed with the many faces representing this Mid-West.
  3. I have walked the State Fair Grounds from Missouri to Arkansas.
  4. I have shared meals from North Dakota to Nebraska.
  5. I have seen the beauty of this land from Wisconsin to Ohio and everything in between.
  6. I have been welcomed with open arms in every one of the 14 States I covered.

Thank you Mid-West, thank for allowing me to enrich and expand my horizons in your streets. Thank you for allowing me to grow as I search for opportunities to improve the lives of my people.

Thank you for opening your hearts and wallets to enable our people to interact with each other.

I shared an observation I made a few times now:

My tour has been like harvesting and onion. The food was not immediately visible and available to me . But with your help, your encouragement, I kept peeling, and finally I found the food .

I found the food just in time for me to move to new learning environments.

I pray that as I step out of the spotlight, the incoming Consul General , will be received with the same love and warmth I received .

I hold firm that good bye is not a word in my vocabulary.

I know our paths will cross again, until than may the Good Lord carry us, protect us and keep us in His hand as we continue to strengthen the relationship between the U.S and South Africa through service .

Until later

Respectfully yours in service

Vuyiswa Tulelo

Smile it’s the best make up kit you will ever own


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